Meeting Ahsoka (or Faith is a Star Wars Spazz)

If you've ever been to Dragon*Con, you know the wonders of the dealers' room. It's stuffed to the roof with geeky vendors and people and anything you could possibly want to buy (with the notable exception this year of a flask, which is all I really intended to purchase). So of course, we spent a considerable amount of time wandering, not really buying, and seeing what we could find. On Saturday night we were getting ready to leave when I saw a booth of Star Wars clothing. And who was in the booth, but Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano herself (Anakin's padawan in Star Wars: The Clone Wars), promoting her clothing line Her Universe I cannot rave enough about how nice she was. Not only did she take an interest in talking to me, but she also signed one of her cards for me. And that is before I bought anything.

The next day I went back and bought one of the more expensive items-- the Star Wars zip-up hoodie. Have you seen this thing? Let me tell you about it.

First off, check out that Darth Vader on the front. So cool! All of the artwork on the surface is really nice and well done (the back says "May the Force be with You" along the bottom). I love the fact that the front only has one small image. So many girls' tops have giant pictures on the front that really throw off the balance of the look. It's also super soft. I mean seriously. I rave about cashmere, but, lets just say I've been thinking about turning up the air conditioning so that I can wear it more. And the right front pocket? Yeah, it has a hidden ipod pocket with headphones opening. Brilliant. The hoodie is priced at $50, but if you buy it at an event you don't pay tax and you get a lovely [new knitting] bag. I'm adding different shirts to my wishlist for birthdays and Christmas because I love the idea of having Star Wars shirts that did not come from the boy's section in Wal-Mart (i.e. they actually fit properly!)

Even if you're not a Star Wars fanatic like me or have no desire to spend $30 on a tshirt (I understand. But trust me, from what I've seen these are really well made), you should still go check out Ashley's blog. Star Wars is something that connects every generation and appeals to every age level. It's something that young girls can latch on to, as I did, and find comfort in the stories of strong female characters. However, as much as I love Carrie Fisher, there has not ever been anyone I would consider to be a good female role model for these girls. Until now. I really think Ashley is changing this and I hope that even after her character's story ends (I hope she dies in some tragic way that has me bawling over a cartoon) she continues to be a strong force in the geek verse to help change the perception of girls who would rather play Star Wars in the backyard then dress barbies. Being a geek is a desirable characteristic.

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