Very Un-American Football

In case you were wondering what grad school is like when we're not spending five million hours in the library surrounded by a fort of dusty old books:

See all those tiny people?  That's our history department intramural soccer team.  I played on the softball team last semester (which was a funny sight, let me tell you), but I do not play soccer.  I don't even like soccer.  But it was a lot of fun sitting and watching my fellow grad students run around.  And the girls kept me entertained.

Our team is the Red Scare, because we are, obviously, a bunch of history geeks.  And yes, I had some hand in the name.  That's what they get for putting together everything and asking the two Soviet students for their input.  So those of us not on the team show up in our obnoxious jerseys and, if you're me, yell unrelated Russian words at the players. Though mostly I focused on taking goofy pictures with someone else's camera (never leave a camera in our possession unless you want "foot + ball = soccer" pictures).  

And the featherweight cardi made another appearance.  Sadly, no one commented on the appropriateness of the color.  I felt very themed.

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