Did you miss us?

We took a short break because my friend Taryn came to town to meet with her thesis committee and slept on my couch for the past few days.  There was also a surprise birthday party thrown into the mix.

And Sunday was the start of . . . football season!  In case you haven't figured it out by now I am a rabid fan of the Carolina Panthers (so is Luke, just look at what he's wearing these days).  We may have lost our first game in outstanding fashion, but I was not able to watch so it doesn't count.  Right?  All I care right now is that we win our next one.  Chris and I are going with my parents, so expect a full report soon.

More exciting life news (how does it get more exciting than football?), I passed my language exam!  In my grad program you have to pass a translation proficiency test in a foreign language at least semester before you plan to defend your thesis.  Basically they give you a photocopy of a primary text, a few pieces of paper, tell you to bring your own dictionary, and give you an hour and a half to translate the entire document.  This is why I spent the summer in Pittsburgh, because if I did not pass this semester I would not be able to defend my thesis and graduate in May.

My dictionary, purchased in 2005 when I decided I wanted to study Soviet history

The only problem with passing?  Now I have no excuse not to finish!

PS: Did you enjoy the last post?  Her Universe actually linked it in their twitter feed!  Talk about something exciting and encouraging to see before I went to my language exam.

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