WIP Wednesday: We Have Shoulders!

I'm still working away on the Featherweight.  I put the "sleeves" on holders on Saturday and they're all ready to start.  I know that the Knitmore Girls recommend knitting your sleeves before the rest of the sweater, but I'm not sure I'm going to do that.  See, I've never knit sleeves before.  I know, I know, but I've stuck to vests when it comes to sweater knitting, or turning sweater patterns into vest patterns (like the Runaways Sweater).

It's not that I'm afraid of knitting sleeves, it's that I live on the North Carolina coast and 8 months out of the year long sleeves are just not needed outside (Inside, however, is a different story. We love our air conditioning).  You would think that I would want to knit them the easiest way possible, but since I've never knit sleeves I want to make sure they are a proper length. To my brain this means finishing the body of the sweater so that I can try it on as I knit the sleeves.  Maybe this is silly.  Maybe not.  I do know that when I wear long sleeves I like them to be a little on the long side so that they cover part of my palm.  Fortunately I have a ton of this yarn, so I should have plenty for longer sleeves and a generous collar.

Mr. Irish Bear  is very excited to see this project come along.  The increases for the shoulders look great and he thinks I should just bind it off here so that he can steal it.  Silly bear.


  1. I think Mr. Bear looks very cozy in a British men's club sort of way.

  2. All he needs is a monacle and he's set!

  3. I agree with Liz. Very British men's club. LOL I've never crocheted a sweater (and I don't knit), but like you, I'd think you would want to do the body of the sweater first, then the sleeves. How odd.