Wishful Knitting

I haven't had much to post as of late not because I am not knitting (so not true) and not because I've been working almost every day for the past two weeks (though that part is true) but because of the weather.  I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but here it has been well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the past week (that's way over 37 Celsius).  I am fortunate enough to have working air conditioning this summer, so I am not suffering as much as I have in summers past, but it has still been far too hot to take any pictures of any proper knitting, even that knitting which may be weather appropriate.  And what is a knitting blog without knitting pictures?

I finished this item last week.  As it is too hot to go outside I'll hold off on the details for now.  But here it sits, waiting on my desk for the day the temperature drops to at least something under 90 or we get a nice strong wind about these parts.  Or maybe I'll just move somewhere cold.  I hear the arctic is nice this time of year.


  1. The Arctic is melting ... :-(

  2. I think this is a general consensus on most of the blogs I read...hot summer weather is just not conducive to knitting, and without pretty pictures it's hard to get motivated to write anything. I like the warmth, but I'm also craving cool fall evenings where I can put on scarves and hats and knit to my heart's content!