FO: Pretty Twisted Hug

I'm doing the one thing in knitting blogging that you should never do -- post an FO before it has been mailed to the recipient.  But I just can't help myself!

I find myself falling into a pattern with Knitty.  The new issue comes out, I join every other internet-addicted knitter in the world in nearly crashing the site for two days, and when I finally get the pages to load I am completely underwhelmed.  Nothing strikes my fancy, the cover project is gorgeous but uses more yarn than I could afford even without rent payments.  I'm bored and a little sad.

Then the reviews come in.  Every podcast in the knitting world is discussing how much they loved the issue, especially pattern x because it really explores construction with style q.  What?  I didn't see that.  What was that name again?  And thus I rediscover the issue and find that nearly everything in there, once I look at the larger pictures, read about the ideas behind the pieces, and frankly just pay attention, is truly a work of art.  That's the thing about Knitty.  There's always something so unique that when you stop and look at it really is inspiring, even if you never get around to making it.

So of course when the First Fall 2011 issue was released I followed my standard pattern of behavior and during the course of my rediscovery found Cat Wong's Pretty Twisted, a pattern for not one, but three different bracelet cuffs, which can then be modified ad infinitum.

I quickly cast this on as a gift for a friend who has hit a bit of a rough patch.  I'm not there to take her to coffee and give hugs so I did the next best thing.  The bracelet had a few false starts in different yarns and I was quickly reminded that alcohol, even just a small glass of wine, does not mix well with linen stitch.  I used US 1s, but in the future I would use 2s because the stitch definition is a little muddied.

But the end result is lovely.  I used part of my leftovers from Daybreak and knit up the framed version.  The button is also from stash and has sweet little hearts encircling a flower.

Just a sweet little hug.

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  1. I am the same as you with Knitty. I'm always underwhelmed until I start seeing the projects appearing on the pattern pages. Does that mean I lack imagination?

  2. I've never looked at the magazine you mentioned. I'll have to take a look, it's not one I've noticed I guess.

    Cuffs, interesting idea. How does one keep them dry when washing hands etc.

  3. You know, that button is a perfect choice for that bracelet, given that it's a gift :)

  4. I'm the same way with Knitty! I'm glad to know that there's more of us like there.

    I like the cuffs, especially the button. It's sweet!

  5. I am the same with every knitting/crochet mag out there. I see it. I'm underwhelmed. Then a flurry of folks start queuing, faving and talking about various patterns and I go back and realize I'm in love.

    Excellent button choice.

  6. The Fall issue of Knitty is out?!? Where have I been?

  7. Aww how cute. I love the yarn you've used and the button sets it off perfectly. It's a really nice thing to make for your friend

  8. I agree @ Knitty! But that Pretty Twisted pattern did catch my eye at first glance. They seem like such a good use of small amounts of yarn. And yours came out great!

  9. What a beautiful button! And what a clever idea.

  10. The button makes it and what a great color!