Blazing New Trails

Am I the only one freaked out by how unnaturally warm the weather has been?  The calendars (all of them, evidently they conspire together) insist that it is indeed December, when the temperature is so warm I had to turn on the air conditioning in my car, something I try to avoid except for months like July and August.  So warm is it that this morning I convinced Chris to get out of bed early and go with me to check out a new-to-us nature park.  And we wore shorts!

This park just further confounded my homesickness.  We ran and walked in what felt like complete isolation  but is in fact in the middle of several expensive neighborhoods.  The terrain gave the option for bike paths, but we quickly detoured down steep inclines and vindictive root systems.  And then we found a pond!  (I'm sure locals around here call it a lake, but I firmly believe that if you can see all sides there is no way it can be a lake)

Even though he got me to move to the city, I am pretty sure I am bringing this city-boy over to the wonders of rural life.  Which, I must say are even more wonderful when you can then drive from your apartment to Trader Joe's in under half an hour.

We have already made a date to go back on my day off this weekend.  Maybe it will get cold enough for me to wear my running tights?  I miss them.

In the meantime I have managed to convince myself to skip yoga tonight and stay home to finish my sleeve and paint my nails.  There might even be some Damages in there.  Season four did just go up on Netflix after all.

It was not a tough argument.

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