Postcards From The Couch

There has been something going around the office.  Some people have had flue like symptoms, some people have one night of physical illness and then are fine.  Me, I've had this crazy congestion for over a week that makes it hard to do anything but sleep when not at work (and sometimes even at work).  Every night I come home planning all the things I want to do.  I'm going to bake, I'm going to work out, I'm going to blast through some of my obligation kitting.  And then I get home and find myself asleep on the couch several hours later.

And then, because you know knitting has a sense of humor, this happened.

Oh yes, that is yarn barf.  On one of the two strands of lace weight I am using to knit these mitts decided to turn itself inside out.  And boy but is that a tangle.  Because I'm holding two strands together I am pretty sure I will have to cut the yarn to find the end of the snarl.

This was so frustrating that yesterday I decided to knit selfishly and picked up my Slope once again.  I have seemed up the side with the drop shoulder sleeve and am knitting the rest of the way down the cuff.  Maybe it will actually get cold by the time I finish.  In the meantime I overcame my congestion and managed to make my new favorite peanut butter chocolate cupcakes.


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