My Week Off

Last week I decided that I needed a week off.  Not from work (though that would be lovely), but from social media.  Specifically, twitter and facebook.  With more time to myself I was finding myself spending more and more time staring at my computer refreshing the feed every time a new update came through.  It was a way to fill that niggling feeling of loneliness that I get around 9:30 when I know I should think about moving towards bed but want to wait up for Chris as long as I can.

So on Thursday night I logged off.  I took the pages off of my phone, removed them from my frequently visited page on my computer, grabbed a book and went to bed.  It was not until Saturday, when I was all alone again that it really started to bother me.  But after a little while it really became refreshing.  I was less scattered and more focused on my book or whatever tv show I was watching.  I did the dishes.  I knit (and unknit) like mad.  I lived my life as normal, but without a computer or phone constantly by my side.  I remembered what life was like when, until a few years ago, this was an average night at home.

In other words, I loved my week off.  I reconnected with myself and was able to pull away from the distracted nature with which so many of us live our lives.  It was not that long ago when we did not constantly pull out our phones or that the computer was off more than it was on.  I am very glad to be back on these sites.  There is a lot I missed about connecting with different people.  But it was refreshing to get away.  It hit my reset button on a lot of things and of course did wonders for my knitting.

You just would not know it because I ripped out that sparkly mitt again.  It is becoming the Goldilocks of knitting.

For more traditional knitted FOs, please go check out the gang over at Tami's Amis.


  1. Love the idea of taking a break from social media - especially Facebook! Not sure that I can stay away from Ravelry and the many knitting blogs that I read though. Happy weekend!

  2. Nice idea! It's really important to take some time off once in a while.

  3. I have some mittens I can't seem to get "just right" too. I'm glad you enjoyed your break from connectivity. It would probably do us all some good to try stepping away every once in a while.

  4. I totally feel you! I deleted my facebook for a week a while back, and it felt so great. But somehow when the week was up, I couldn't wait to get back on. I got a lot of reading and knitting done in that week though!

  5. Sounds heavenly. DH is very plugged in. He has his phone on the bedside table and we're often awoken by text messages and FB updates. I've finally convinced him to turn the ringer off after 11pm. I'm the opposite. Quite often he discovers that I've forgotten my phone at home when he tries to send my a text and hears it ping in the other room, LOL!

  6. You know, I did the same thing about 2 weeks ago, for 9 days. It has really made me think about how dependent I am on the internet for entertainment. I'm trying to consciously choose not to be online quite so much anymore.

    And you're right- it makes you REALLY productive!

    -craftygirl83 (in case you didn't recognize my last name)