Sparkled Progress

I finished my sleeve!  I did!  I also made it through the first episode of Damages season four and I was really unimpressed.  Is it just me or is there just no way to recap the shocking magic of who killed her fiance or is she really going to pull the trigger?  I can only hope that the magical world of litigation will strike our household soon.  Though if I could be spared the personal blood shed, that would be wonderful.

But I get myself sidetracked.  There is a completed sleeve drying here on the floor.  It has been drying for well over 24 hours.  I was thinking about wearing this sweater on Friday but thanks to this scary warm weather not only is my head getting congested but nothing will dry.  Nothing.  It is seriously like the middle of April around here.  So I have not been able to seam any of it, let alone complete the drop shoulder.

Because of this and because I have been very uncharacteristically dedicated to my sweater and only my sweater, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to knit last night.  Usually I save my tv knitting time for something that requires a bit more detailed thought.  So I ended up pulling out a pair of mitts that I need to finish up for a friend.  Honestly, though, this skein of Gnome Acres sparkly lace weight she sent to me is so decadent that I'm not sure I want to give it back.

This gorgeous yarn will one day grow up to be Ellie.  Yes, the ones the Yarn Harlot raved about. I am knitting the smallest size on size US 1 needles with the yarn held double (my friend has very slender hands). Sadly I am not very far because halfway through watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Cogsworth (dude, that movie is a total who's who of 2004) I discovered that I was decreasing incorrectly, so I had to rip the whole thing completely out and start over.  Have you ever tried to rip out laceweight held double?  I ended up with two balls of yarn leading into a third ball of yarn that then led to my needles.  It was insanity, but I managed to recoup most of my losses by the end of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (A little under two hours for those keeping score at home).

Instead of pondering what crazy thing I will watch on Netflix next, why not head over to Tami's Amis and check out what everyone else has been knitting.  They are almost guaranteed to be less cinematic.

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