Geektastic Thursday: Knitters for Newton

I don't like to talk about serious issues very often on the blog.  I like to keep this a safe place of silliness and knitting, a haven from incessant news stories.  But sometimes things strike such a cord that it requires more close attention.  The recent shooting in Newtown is one such incident.  It is beyond comprehension or anything I could possibly say.  Fortunately Sarah from Three Irish Girls has found a way in which we can all do something.

Knitters for Newtown was officially created on Tuesday as a way the knitting community can help.  Three Irish Girls will be taking orders over the next six weeks for two colorways, Love Always Wins, a rainbow inspired by the joys of childhood, and The Giving Tree, inspired by the mascot of the Newtown school.  Twenty percent of the sales price will be donated to charities that will benefit the families effected by this tragedy.

Details will be coming soon concerning the twenty-six blankets Knitters for Newton will be compiling to donate.  In the meantime, I recommend checking out the site.  Even if you do not knit for the blankets, the colorways are gorgeous and help to benefit a really good cause.  I know I will be buying at least one, if not both.  Once again the world is about to learn just how much the knitting community can do.

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