No Sweaters Here

I bet you were expecting there to be a finished sweater.  I bet you thought that Vivianne's goading in the comments of Wednesday's post would spur me on to power through just so I could stand proud as a sweater seaming machine.  And you know what?  I thought there would be a sweater too.  Until I was forced to do this.

Let me back up.  Wednesday night Chris and I had grand plans of putting up our cheapy fake tree that we found at the evil Wal-Mart for an absolute steal.  Only when we opened the box we found, to our horror, a glaringly white tree.  No green, no fake pine for us.  No, a hideous white monstrosity.  While Chris dealt with this unfortunate incident I decided to use the time to catch up on some podcasts and work on the sweater.  It was a giant mess of ends and too much fabric.

I started attaching the sleeve to the body of the sweater, reasoning that I could examine the grafting of the sleeve after it was secured into place.  I seamed one side to what looked like a reasonable length.  The sleeve itself appeared to be made to fit further down the body, but I did not want a sleeve that took up the entire length of the side, so I decided to start seaming the body where it made sense to me and see what happened.

By the time I finished the body I just knew something was wrong.  With a sinking in my stomach I realized that the sleeve was too long.  Way, way too long.  So long that when I tried it on I looked like the blue fairy in Sleeping Beauty when the other fairies use her as a dress form to make Aurora's ball gown.

See?  That strained smile is saying "What do I do? I knit this to pattern and this sleeve is just  way too long!"

Which brings us back to this rather distressing photo.  I initially tried to unravel the cast on and frog up the sleeve.  People talk about doing that all the time, right?  No such luck.  The nature of the stitch pattern made the yarn a near impossible tangle every three stitches.  So, on my second glass of wine, and by this time making Chris fearful for my sanity, I pulled out the scissors.

I am surprised at how well this turned out.  Maybe I was born to cut knitting.  Maybe now that I have done it I won't be afraid to try a steeking pattern.  Maybe I was just tipsy enough to not remember the terror yet still keep a steady hand.  Who knows?  But now I have to try to get the stitch count down fast and make it look something like the sleeve in the picture.  So you know what happened next, right?  Yep.  It is back in the time out corner and my hat and I have decided to run away together.

What sweater?  I don't see any sweaters here.


  1. I am sat here with my hand clapped against my wide open mouth in horror. I am not surprised it is in a time out. Though I do have to confess to contemplating taking some scissors to an old project yesterday that I haven't worn because the bottom half is just plain weird. Maybe if you get your sweater back on track eventually it will spur me on towards tackling this potentially lovely cardigan.

  2. That unraveling from the bottom up trick? It really only works on garter.

  3. I think a bit of time with your hat is well deserved. You were very brave!

  4. Sorry to read about the sleeve. I'm sure it will work out for you eventually. I love the color of the hat.

  5. You are so brave! Way to take matters into your own hands!

  6. Omigosh.... You are so brave, first of all. Second, I would have FREAKED THE HECK OUT if my sleeves came out like that. That picture is awesome, though.

    The hat looks great!

  7. Goading ?? It was encouragement:-)
    But like Chrissy, I sat here with my hand over my open mouth going OMG ! You are very brave. And the sweater ....deserves to be in its lonely place :-)