Nothing to Knit

I still have not fixed the yarn barf.  After I showed it to you yesterday I stuffed the offending mitts into a bag and shoved them in a corner to think about what they've done wait until I have several hours to sit and untangle.

Because of the yarn barf I found myself with an unintended consequence of my more focused knitting.  I had nothing to knit.  No, seriously, I am not being dramatic.  My sweater needs to be seemed (not knitting), my sock needs the toe kitchenered (not knitting), and of course the mitts are plotting against me (so not knitting).  So in a fit of desperation on Monday I wound and cast on one of my special skeins (really, they're all special, but don't tell them I said that.  They behave better if they think they're the favorite) and cast on a hat.

Twisted Vines Hat, Melissa LeBarre in Dragonfly Fibers club yarn

Pictures do not do justice to the riot of pink, red, peach, and orange that make up this skein. I don't remember what the yarn is actually called.  It was the September club shipment from Dragonfly Fibers.  I know it is a sport weight, but as soon as it arrived I dubbed it "The Happiest Yarn in the World".  There is no nylon content, so I would not knit the accompanying sock pattern (though that is lovely as well), and thus this yarn ended up in the stash waiting for the perfect pattern.  

Seriously, how can you not smile when cuddling this yarn?  You can't.  I know, I tested it on random coworkers.

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  1. The hat looks wonderful! I think having nothing to knit is working to your advantage:)

  2. It's so pretty. Nothing is more cheering than a pretty hat knit in pretty yarn.

  3. LOL bite the bullet and do the seaming: think how righteous you'll feel :-)

  4. I totally put my knitting in the corner of shame to think about what they've done. There are currently two sweaters lounging there until they can come back and apologize (one because I need to rip out an inch of ribbing on size 1s with over a THOUSAND stitches per round, and that is not an over-exaggeration, then reknit another 2"; the second because the sleeve setting is weird because it is a drop shoulder and I'm trying to figure out if I want to do shoulder shaping)

  5. Nothing to knit!?!? I'm so glad you remedied that situation ASAP!