It's All Gone Grey

I cannot tell you much about what I am knitting, except for the fact that it is grey.  It's all grey.  That crazy sweater from last week was grey and now this is too.

I can tell you that this is not a Christmas present.  What I cannot tell you is on what occasion I promised this particular item and why in the world I put it off this long.  I can tell you that it is a modified version of Rose Beck's Stacked Columns from her Archi-Textural shawl collection.  I cannot tell you what it has been modified to become.

I can tell you just how surprised I am to find myself knitting with Patons Classic Wool and actually enjoying it.  This was on sale at Jo-Ann's several weeks ago, and so I decided to bite the bullet on the off chance that the recipient decides that they want to try felting the item in an effort to get it clean.  No, it is not superwash, but there was nothing affordable in the superwash variety that I would feel comfortable giving to this individual.  The last time I knit with craft store yarn it was some variety of Lion Brand that made my hands itch and resulted in the kind of wariness that saw me more willing to spend money on fancier yarn than on basic food stuffs.

Not so with the Patons.  It is not knitting up merino soft, but it does have my skin's best interest at heart and I have had no problems.  Maybe I will actually allow myself to start buying yarn again.  Maybe it will be craft yarn.  But I cannot tell you for sure.

What I can tell you is that there are bound to be plenty of less cryptic posts linked over at Tami's Amis that you should almost certainly check out.


  1. It is nice you are having a good experience with the craft store yarn. I often cannot find what I want, and some of it is so hideous, it is lovely to find something good. Especially on sale!

  2. YAY for cryptic posts they make me wonder and get all excited to figure out what is going on.

  3. :-D Your....grey... looks like it's coming along nicely. Or, at least there is fabric there, so it means that something has materialized as the result of your efforts. Glad to hear the positive review of the Patons Classic.

  4. Good luck getting it done :) I really like Patons Classic Wool. There's a pine green tweedy colourway that I've knit many hats and mitts from :)