Adventures in Morbid Knitting

Remember how I confessed that I have started watching Hemlock Grove?  Well I think that it has begun to infect my subconscious.  Because I am participating in Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup I cast on a second project at the beginning of the month so that I would at least have two on the go that I could hopefully turn in for classes.  My Camp Loopy socks and the hat that I have given the rather forbidding name of Woodland Grave Beret.

I know, I know.  I have serious issues.  But before you get all up in arms that I am clearly demonstrating all of the early warning signs of a knitting serial killer, let me at least try to explain.  So this hat that I am knitting is Alana Dakos' Pressed Leaves Beret from her book Botanical Knits.  I actually bought this yarn specifically for this project while at Stitches South from Cephalopod Yarns.  The woman who sold it to me was really awesome and in the course of conversation she told me that she actually sometimes calls this their Dexter colorway (it's really Candy Kingdom) because it can look a bit like blood spatter in the skein. 

Now I only watched one season of Dexter and I figured out the big twist early enough for it to annoy me into not watching another season, but I can appreciate the reference and I knew I would have to take this project in a bit of a morbid direction.  And so to knit it while watching a trashy show marketed to teens but which contains the most gruesome "change" I have ever seen (seriously, I was yelling at Cogsworth not to watch and he was looking at me all "Dude, I'm a guinea pig. Like I care"), seemed like the perfect tribute to an awesome yarn and what is turning out to be a very well written pattern.

To see other, far less morbid works in progress, check out Tami's Amis!


  1. love your yarn colour and your project sure turn out to be lovely.

  2. ok. now, I have to go look into Hemlock Grove, but I love Dexter! not sure which twist you mean since there's new ones a lot, I only get annoyed by HOW CLOSE he comes to getting caught at the end of every season. I think your Beret looks spectacular.

  3. The yarn is knitting up nicely, I have intentionally dyed a skein of yarn to look blood splattered before, for a swap themed around Macbeth ; )