Geektastic Thursday: In the Spirit of D-Day

Today is one of the most special of Geektastic Thursdays because today is my brother Josiah's high school graduation.

My brother is probably the most awesome of us all.  Where I was a total nerd in high school reading and studying myself into a stupor while trying to keep well rounded extracurriculars, he started a rock band that has done well enough to make it out of the garage and into the local indie concert circuit.  That's right.  My brother has groupies.  And you know what ladies?  He still has perfect attendance.

But while he might be a rock star now he will always be my kid brother.  I don't care that he has been able to pick me up since I left for college.  That really was not that long ago.  He really cannot be this grown up.  I refuse to admit it.

I refuse to admit that the baby brother I wanted so badly for my birthday is now eighteen and oh so much taller than me.  I refuse to admit that the kid who would get me in trouble while babysitting has a brain that I cannot even begin to comprehend.  I refuse because sometimes it feels I barely know him.  It's like I blinked and he was suddenly all grown up.

When I sat down to write this I could not get past the blinking cursor.  There are so many ways to describe my brother and so many reasons to love him and be very very proud, but one truly encompasses them all -- he is knitworthy.  For Christmas in 2009 I knit everyone in my family a hat.  Josiah wore his so much it fell apart.  So for his birthday I knit him another, and then some mitts, and another hat.  Essentially, the knit wear never goes unloved.  It gets slept in.  It is worn to rock concerts.  It is worn to school and becomes a uniform violation.  That, my friends, is true knitting love.  And what better expresses the character of a person than the love they have for their knitted gifts? 

So I hope you all have a happy Thursday.  Me?  I'll be applying more waterproof mascara than anyone knew existed and hiding behind my stripey sock.  Pay no attention to that streaky puddle of knitting in the corner.  Happy graduation, Josiah!


  1. Aw, I got a little tear in my eye. I am really lucky and have a great relationship with my little brother too. He is 3 years younger than me and now has 2 kids. I am so proud of him I could burst sometimes. He too, is knit worthy.

  2. That's very sweet. I'm surprised you didn't plug his band. They must not have an online presence?....yet. :)