Sweater Imaginings

The knitting is still strangely monogamous around here lately.  I am working almost exclusively on my Mona Lisa -- Dragon Rider socks, which I do not have a new photo of because the last photo I took was of sock one and now I find myself in the awkward spot of being in almost the exact same place on sock two.  So a progress photo would be pointless.

Despite my monogamy I can feel second sock syndrome nipping at my heels, so I am letting myself develop notions of a new garment.  Yesterday I pulled out two sweaters' worth to see if they had decided what they would like to grow up to be.

The wound yarn above is actually purple -- a skein of Madelinetosh lace weight that I bought on our honeymoon last August.  I had originally bought it for a Geodesic Cardigan, but now I think I would rather knit Stephanie Japel's Nevis Cardigan.  And then I started toying with the idea of striping in the Malabrigo lace, but yellow and purple is too ECU for this region so maybe adding in the green as well and doing large thick stripes that start after the bust?  Or maybe I have watched too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Aria is beginning to rub off on me.

I also have these skeins of Cakewalk Yarns that I bought at the beginning of the season specifically for a summer cardi.  This has clearly made up its mind that it wants to be Drifting by Cecily Glowik MacDonald..  I just need to make up my mind that I want to swatch and that I think I could rock this look.

And that I don't think giant striped lace weight is the way to go.

To see more works in progress, probably past the theoretical stage, check out the gang over at Tami's Amis!


  1. Really liking both cardis! Both would be beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing yarns!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-92/

  3. OH wow! New projects and beautiful yarns! In fact, I have a skein of that exact Cakewalk yarn! I was waiting until I was a good sock knitter before I used it but that may take a while! LOL! I love the color combo for the Nevis too!

  4. Oooh, Cakewalk, I've been browsing those yarns for a while now, I think that will look great as Drifting.