Sweater Indecision

Yesterday was my Monday off, which means that normally I would plop myself down in front of the tv and marathon my way through something and knock out a huge chunk of knitting (there, the secret is out -- you think I make all this progress?  Really I just don't do anything but knit on Monday), but we had our big quarterly meeting at work which meant that I needed to bake for the potluck style desserts.  In between batches of raspberry coconut macaroons I gave in to my sweater longings and finally decided to swatch.  But since I still could not decide which sweater I want to knit first, I decided to swatch both.

I thought that maybe whatever sweater I hit gauge on would help me decide.  Then I would not have to worry about things like math or what not and that today I could just cast on.  Nope.  Would you believe I hit gauge on both?

Something's gotta give or these sweaters are doomed.

1 comment:

  1. Raspberry coconut macaroons, yum! Good luck deciding between sweaters.