FO: Prissy Socks

Self-striping socks seem to be all the rage these days.  It seems you cannot turn anywhere in the online knitting world without running into someone raving about how awesome they are and how much they love X dyer from whom it is of course just impossible to score yarn.  I admit, sometimes I get annoyed with hype and dismiss things that seem to be fads, but when it comes to self-striping socks, well, I am totally smitten.

I picked up this skein of Lollipop Yarn on a Ravelry destash, which is probably the only way I will ever be able to acquire any of this yarn because her updates sell out so fast.  This skein of Prissy is on her 75 wool / 25 nylon base and is a joy to knit.  The yardage is so generous that at 425 yards per skein I could probably knit a matching set of wristers.

Of course I waited to take pictures of these until last night and then a huge storm rolled in so my photographs are not nearly as fun as I was hoping.  I decided to knit Virginia Rose-Jeanes' Vanilla Latte Socks pattern, allowing the simple pattern to show off the stripes to their full potential.  I went with a 3x1 rib and subbed in my go-go garter eye-of-partridge heel from Hermoine's Everyday Socks.  The texture added just enough interest to keep me going and I love the way the ribbing looks going down the foot of the sock.

The real highlight for me was getting the stripes to work out going into the heel and matching across both feet.  I did not think that I would care, but it was oddly satisfying in the same way getting all of the laundry done and all put away and all of the carpet vacuum can be.

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  1. Love the way the stripes match. You should be proud. that is so hard to do.

  2. Cute! I'm a sucker for self-striping yarn, too ... I knit faster because it's fun to see the stripes develop! :)

  3. Excellent job on the socks - I love those colors!

  4. Great socks. Personally all my self striped socks are made from commercial sock yarns. I love them all too. It might be a cheap way to get you striped sock fix. Without stalking updates.

  5. That is some masterful matching between left and right socks. And now I'm suddenly craving Neapolitan ice cream...

  6. I was last seen singing the praises of selfstriping yarn less than an hour ago?
    I'm a sucker for the stuff.
    I also have a pair of vanilla latte socks on the go. It's such a great go-to pattern.

  7. saw some lollipop in person at an LYS on east coast and opted out bc I wasn't a fan of the colors....this neopolitan mix you've got is very pretty, you lucky duck!