FO: Woodland Grave Beret

I don't know when hats became a big part of my wardrobe, but they seem to be here to stay.  They are one of those items that I did not realize I wore a lot or knit with great frequency until a family member I had not seen in some time knew about my hats from pictures.  Then I began to assess my hats, wonder if I should knit fewer, give some away, stop wearing them as much.  But I quickly realized that I love my hats.  I'm completely addicted to them and so far I have not found a point which I would consider too many.  That being said . . . I seem to be on another hat kick.

But how could you not knit another Alana Dakos leaf beret pattern?  This only makes three (I gave away a fourth).  And they are just so well written and charted that they are a dream to knit.  Pressed Leaves is has a lot more purling than the others I have knit, but it is just as satisfying


I bought the yarn specifically for this pattern while at Stitches South at the Cephalopod Yarns booth.  The purchase itself was an impulse buy, but I justified it by only buying one skein for which I already had the perfect pattern.  Traveler is an excellent yarn.  It is DK weight, which I do not knit with all that often, and brought out the stitch definition in the pattern perfectly.  And don't get me started on the color (Candy Kingdom).  Since when do I have a thing for pinks?

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  1. Ooh, great hat. I'm kind of the same way with shawls. And socks. Can you ever have too many? I certainly haven't gotten to such a theoretical point yet.

  2. It is gorgeous. It looks great on you. One can never have to many hats in my opinion. So keep on knitting them =)

  3. Pretty beret. I so wish I suited hats. I'd own a MILLION!

  4. Your hat looks great. Hats are a fantastic knitting project, fun and done before you get fed up with the pattern.
    Photos are looking good too

  5. Very very pretty. I would wear that in an instant.
    I actually may have the perfect yarn already in my stash. Score!