Knits on a Plane

The time has finally arrived!  I am flying out this week to go to my cousin's wedding, staying with several different family members over the course of four days, and traveling by plane, car, and possibly bus.  But before I can leave I have to answer the all important question -- what am I going to knit?

I had originally planned to knit Bad Oyster by Alex Tinsley, but then I ended up casting on last week and . . . well . . .

At this rate I may be done before I even leave for the airport.  The pattern is just that addictive.  It would make great travel knitting, but since I am so far along I have wound two skeins of Knit Picks Imagination for the Nasturtium Socks.

But wait.  These are anklets.  What happens if my plane is delayed or I have to wait longer for my ride than anticipated?  There are so many reasons I could find myself stuck with only one pair of anklets to knit.

So I'm packing extra yarn.  There's no reason I need more than two projects worth, right?  I mean there are yarn stores in the universe.  Then again, maybe I'll pack a sweater . . .

To see more productive works in progress, check out Tami's Amis!


  1. Love those yarn colors. Very bold. Happy travels! Stay safe!

  2. You can never take to many travel projects in my opinion... What if a plane or train or bus gets delayed? What if you need stress relief from to much family time? I say the more projects the better... It isn't like you need your toothbrush any way right?

  3. Yes, one pair of anklets is not enough! Definitely more yarn! Love all those delicious blues and reds!

  4. I always have such big plans for plane knitting, but air travel makes me sick, so I just spend my time trying to not hurl! When I would rather just PURL! And I hate purling. LOL. Enjoy your stay, the wedding and your knitting.

  5. Those what-ifs will always get you! I've brought multiple projects just to take to a weekend spent at my Dad's house ; )