#BHS2012: Day Five

For Day five Manni the Magnificent has truly outdone herself and spoken directly to my heart in a way the flowers and trappings of impending Valentine's Day cannot.

Coffee!  I know many of my readers are farther from their student days than I am and several are from countries that are not as obsessed with coffee as mine, so let me explain my enthusiasm a little.  Actually, it's quite simple.  Along with knitting and a functional bathroom, I cannot live without coffee.  The past five years have seen my caffeine intake rise from the occasional soda to multiple pots of coffee a day.  I have started to scale back a bit and switch to lower caffeine content teas later in the day.  But my true love is still a good cup of strong black coffee.

The great thing about this coffee that Manni has sent is that it is local to her.  With the trend in consumer products moving towards free-trade and locally sourced goods, it has become just as fun to shop for coffee as it is for yarn (well maybe not quite, there is no Etsy dyed coffee -- yet).  I'm looking forward to getting home tonight and grinding up some of this for use in my coffee press.  Just close your eyes and think of the smell.  Mmmm...


  1. You are so right ... there is no other smell as great in the morning as freshly brewed coffee.

    I'm jealous of your awesome package - Manni did well!

  2. LOL not a coffee drinker myself, smells like burnt toast :-)