Not Quite Snowy

Man, I step away from the blogging world for a weekend and I feel like I have missed everything!  Several more people have gotten their swap packages for the Blog Hub swap.  My partner still has not received hers, but I'm sure it will be there soon.  I also wanted to thank all of the people who commented on my sweater FO. I forgot how welcoming the Tami's Amis group is.  I need to take the time to go check out more of the posts before Wednesday's Mr. Linky gets going.

I took a few days off from the majority of the internet because it was a holiday weekend here in the US.  This does not mean that I got to go on a vacation or enjoy some time off.  My work schedule works out so that if there is a holiday I know I will be super busy.  I barely got any knitting done.  And then last night something crazy happened -- snow!

This is not a common occurrence for me.  I may have yelled at Andrea to get back inside to grab a camera and take the above photo of me.  I count myself lucky if I get to see a tiny bit of snow at all during a season.  Because there was so much last season and due to the very mild winter we have been having I had given up hope of snow, just enjoying the fact it occasionally dropped below 40 during the day.  But last night saw me dashing outside to enjoy the tiny bit of snow we got.

I was so into it all this morning that though I left myself enough time to unearth my car I actually forgot my knitting.  That did wonders for my progress on the latest installment of the cowl KAL, let me tell you (oh my gosh, I am so bored! I know it'll be lovely but so much stockinette!).

The cemetery I blogged about has finally been cleaned up from last year's tornado and it looked quite lovely with a light glitter of melting snow.  Every time I pass it I think it would be the perfect setting for some FO shots.  If only I had my Roisin completed I may have been late for work.

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  1. I actually knew a girl called Roisin at school :-) Can't believe it took so long to clean up that cemetery !