#BHS2012: Day Two

Day two of the Blog Hub swap.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures today, but I got no sleep last night because of course I had to go see Star Wars: Episode 1 in 3D at midnight.  Had too.  There was no choice for this fangirl.  And now I am exhausted and running way late.  But back to the point . . .

How could it possibly get any better than the delicious candy bar from yesterday?

Purple sock yarn, that's how!  One of the package requirements for each swapee was a skein of yarn.  I mentioned in my questionnaire that I don't have a really big stash like a lot of those involved in our online community and also that I would really like to receive local items.  The knitting world is a very big place and it is impossible to visit every location.  In response, Manni the Magnificent sent me a skein of Saucon Sock by Kraemer Yarns.  According to the enclosed note, Kraemer Yarns is located in Nazareth, PA, and is a very well known yarn shop.  I'm really excited to give this yarn a go.  I've never used a cotton acrylic blend for socks before, but from what I read this makes a very good summer sock.  And I happen to have used a gift card to order Socktopus earlier this week.  A perfect new pair of socks for work?  I think so!

I'm leaving this afternoon for my parent's house to deal with some wedding stuff, run a 5K, and pick up the last local items for the swap package I am sending.  I'll take packages 3-5 with me so I'll stay on track.  Hopefully if there are any more edible goodies I can hide them from the family so that I can keep them all to myself.  I'm such a greedy thing.


  1. Ok, I agree - purple sock yarn might beat the chocolate. Of course, I'd make a shawl with it ... :)

  2. There is no need to waste that lovely yarn on socks when there are so many beautiful shawl patterns around :-D