The Return of Knit Night

This post comes to you way later than I would like courtesy of a chinchilla who loves to chew modem power cords and way too many episodes of Downton Abbey.  Seriously man, how am I so addicted to the equivalent of a PBS soap opera?  I don't even watch romance anything!  Well, unless a former Doctor is on it.

So I have lived here without any real knitting friends for many many months.  One of Andrea's friends, who really is my friend too (we share custody of the friendship most days), is a knitter and we often say we should get together and knit sometime.  But we never did.  Last week we finally decided to make a plan, grab Andrea, and schedule our very first knit night.

Because she was coming to knit night Andrea decided that she needed to have a knitting project.  Next thing I knew she had found an LYS five minutes from our apartment and we were meeting there after work to pick out some yarn and needles.  Evidently being best friends with a knitter has rubbed off more than I thought because she ended up with some gorgeous purple alpaca and silk and a set of Knitter's Pride straights (I swear I didn't point them out to her).

And then we held our first knit night at the local frozen yogurt shop.  So. Much. Fun!  It is definitely turning into a weekly or bi-weekly affair.  Even the staff found us entertaining.

I was forbidden to take photos of Andrea knitting, but I couldn't resist a shot of Nicole showing her how to purl!

I did not realize how much I missed having a knitting community -- both the welcoming atmosphere of a true LYS and the entertainment of knit night.  It was such a great break from the stress of work and planning the wedding.  And don't worry, I'll return with reports of Andrea's knitting progress.  She bought her first knitting bag on Etsy today.  Only good things can follow.

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