Shopping the Canned Stash

If you live in America and you are not watching Downton Abbey, you are probably watching the Superbowl tonight.  Usually I am all over the Superbowl, owing to the fact that I am usually a fanatical football fan.  This year, however, I chose to boycott watching the regular season due to stupid decisions firing John Kasay that I'm not going to discus.  Because of this it really feels fitting that the Superbowl would be New England and New York.  Again.  Does anyone care anymore (outside of that awesome Madonna halftime show, of course)?  So instead I am choosing to make my night productive.

Here you see my canned food collection -- which is the crockpot user's version of a knitter's stash.  It's an assortment built up over times when finances were not as much of a concern and I had access to the discount grocery store.  But it has gotten a little out of hand, making it almost impossible to know what is there and what isn't.  I just spent the past hour making it look like this.  Not too long ago it looked like the rest of the pantry.

We'll get to that another day.

For tonight I'll be turning to my favorite cook book, Stephanie O'Dea's More Make It Fast Cook It Slow.  The goal of finding out what I have is to stretch my "can stash" as far as possible so as to cut down on grocery bills.  Maybe some Coconut Red Beans and rice for dinner tomorrow?

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