Now With Added Guinea Pig

Yesterday I grafted the underarms of my Gramps Cardigan and gave it a nice bath.

Almost 24 hours later it is still not dry.  I blame the weather.   But then, I blame the weather for a lot of things lately.  After I finished this I shifted gears back over to my Rocky Coast Cardi and have been flying down the body.  I have to keep reminding myself that on this sweater I have yet to knit the sleeves, so it's not going to be the instant progress boost I had on the last sweater.

The pattern is surprisingly basic for such a stunning result.  I should come to expect this from a Hannah Fettig pattern, but I'm still in shock every time.  I'd say I may have this done by the end of the month, but the next pattern in the Cowl KAL is due out later today and I am going to take that as my travel project when I go to visit my family this weekend.

In the meantime I am loving knitting cables and playing "spot the guinea pig" with Cogsworth.

Evidently my knitting is perfect for burrowing.

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