#BHS2012: Day One

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog, but I am participating in the Blog Hub's second annual international swap.  I have been working very hard on my swap partner's package and due to my enthusiasm have had to put myself on lockdown to keep from spoiling anything (when your boss asks if you have sent your "knitting secret santa box" yet, you know you are just too enthusiastic).

But yesterday I received my package sent from the far distant land of Southeastern Pennsylvania by one Manni, who I will now refer to as Manni the Magnificent.  According to the nice postcard on the top of the box, Manni has organized the package as a tour of her region, which is a totally cool idea.  As an aside, I was really excited to see that Manni is from PA because I have so much family history tied up in the state but I don't know the area much aside from using Harrisburg as a halfway point when driving to Syracuse, New York.

So what lovely item did Manni the Magnificent deem worthy of my first introduction to PA?


How did she know?  But wait... this isn't just any chocolate bar.  This is a Hershey bar from the great town of Hershey, PA!  What's better, it is one of the few Hershey bars that still come wrapped in the traditional foil and paper, a part of the Hershey bar experience that I mourned as a kid when they changed to standard plastic.  Hey, I was an odd child.  I had weird passions.  Opening a Hershey bar without ripping the foil and being able to put it back in the paper missing a piece with no visible signs was one of my many talents.

Along with the chocolate bar, Manni the Magnificent included a small explanation of the gift.

So cool.  I can't wait to see where tomorrow will take us.  In the meantime I'm going to be the one running around with a sugar high from eating this entire chocolate bar.


  1. LOL that is a very cool idea; PA looks like it has a lot to offer ! ;-)

  2. Way to start out! I'm going to enjoy seeing how everyone wraps and arranges their swappy packages.

  3. mmmm Chocolate - brilliant way to start the gift opening. You'll get so distracted by the sugar high you will forget to try and peep inside the rest of the parcels!

  4. There was a Hershey factory not far from where we grew up. We used to go there and buy the broken bars at huge discount. YUM.