#BHS2012: Day Three

It's day three and I'm now halfway through my box.

For today's stop on our tour of Southeastern PA, Manni the Magnificent has taken us to . . .

Amish country!  I'm pretty sure I am going to have a hard time getting this little goodie home with me.  As soon as I opened the package my mom squealed because she recognized the brand from when she taught in Lancaster county.  Evidently this stuff is the bomb.  I've had apple butter before, but just on toast and things.  Manni recommends using it in tea, which sounds really good.  Can't wait to try it!

In the meantime I've been hanging out with the family.  My brother made his debut as Doctor Ted E Bear, our hospital "mascot" for children's events, at a community fundraiser for the devastation wreaked by a recent tornado.  Just so happens that this fundraiser was a zumba-a-thon.  In which he participated.  In the suit.

I've never seen a bear move his hips so well.


  1. I wouldn't think of apple butter in tea, either! Manni the Magnificent is certainly building up the yarny suspense. :)

  2. My Mom used to make apple butter too - I've never used it in tea though ...interesting.