A Running Boatneck

Yesterday morning I remembered why I hate the start of Daylight Savings.  It was so dark!  But then I got to come home and go for a run in daylight, so I think Daylight Savings and I are still friends.  Unfortunately I have also found the downside to casting on a lot of things.

Out of all of these projects I have made no measurable progress.  I took time on Monday to take stock of what I have on the needles.  In this basket of active projects I have 2 sweaters, a Christmas stocking, a pair of socks, an infinity cowl, and a baby present that I desperately need to finish in the next week.  I need to stop casting on, but with Amy Beth's Gratitude KAL starting next week there seems to be no end in sight.  Plus, this happened.

That is not a cute picot boat neck
Remember when I said that because I was knitting this pattern out of cotton blend that I was going to go up a size?  Yeah, that did not work. In fact, based on this I think I need to go down two sizes.  Two years ago I knit a great cotton sweater, but I overestimated the stretch in the fabric, leaving me with a bit of an awkward fit.  But this time I seem to have underestimated it.  I am not sure yet what I will do, which puts this at the bottom of the "things to work on pile".  At least I was watching The Walking Dead, so I was not completely wasting my time (Not a word!  We're in the middle of season two).

To see more works in progress, check out the board over at Tami's Amis.


  1. wow that is alot of WIP projects; I have just 2 projects on the go - I can't concentrate on more!! That sweater is definitely too big; really huge :D I hope you get it sorted out. Have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. I've never had any success up-sizing, down-sizing or substituting when it comes to anything other than socks. I hope it works out better for you :)

    I still have Christmas 2012 socks to finish so I can only commiserate with your pile of WIPs!

  3. I feel your pain!

  4. It looks great even if you are worried about the fit. And there is never a downside to working on more than one project. =) It keeps things interesting.