Hints of Spring

There is something in the air.  Maybe it is because the temperature warmed up the same weekend that we started Daylight Savings, maybe it is because I let myself sleep in, but whatever it is I feel like I am on Spring Break.  And it is lovely.

Yesterday was so beautiful that after Chris left for work I walked up to the grocery store and bought a bag of veggies.  I'm pretty sure the guy at the counter thought I was a crazy hippy with my reusable bag, felt hat, and knitted shrug.  I brought home my loot, opened all the windows, and made a homemade pizza while jamming to Ivy.

Nothing says spring like fresh asparagus!

Today is just as fun.  The weather was lovely for a run and it was like nature ran out to say hello.  There were birds everywhere and a few trees were finally blooming.  The creek was singing happily and the air was just so crisp.  I tried to take pictures for you guys, but I just was not able to do it justice.

Now I think I'll spend the rest of  my day sitting by the open window.  Catching up on knitting podcasts and working some more on this.

Yes, there is finally warmth and I am already thinking of Christmas.

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