Slogging Mondays

Since I finished Twigs and Willows last week I decided to take a look at my knitting basket.  Realistically I should be working on the baby gift, but I really want to have a sweater on the go.  I could swatch for one of my laceweight sweater quantities, I do have several different ideas waiting in the wings, and it would be seasonal appropriate by the time I finished.  But what I really wanted to knit was my Riding on the Metro.  So I bit the bullet and frogged all the way back to the beginning.

Based on the result I got last time around, I decided to go down a needle size and knit the size small rather than the medium.  Even though this is a cotton yarn, it is a cotton blend, and so it has more drape than I initially thought.  Clearly I need to work through my fear of cotton yarns because they are much more appropriate for the climate here.  Well, if the climate ever becomes typical North Carolina weather and no longer this weird cold.

I seem to have started to make Mondays my slog days.  Last week it was finishing up my Twigs and Willows sleeves, this week it was getting to the point to put the sleeves on holders on Riding on the Metro.

Already this is looking a lot better.  I have not tried it on again, but I really like the fabric and drape that I have gotten with the US 6s rather than 7s.  My sister gave me a cropped jean jacket that someone gave her but that isn't quite her style.  At first I was unsure, but now I have this dream outfit in mind that involves the sweater, the jacket, and some crazy 60s-inspired head scarf.

I know.  I'm crazy.  But I am really excited!  If only cotton did not make my hands hurt after a day-long slog.

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