One Rib Back, Two Fronts Forward

I love my days off.  They are the bright highlights of my week.  Not that I don't enjoy my job or think that my work is more draining than that of others.  But because Chris works second shift these are the days I get to see him in daylight.  They are the days I cook, the days I try to clean up around the apartment, and the days I really get to knit.

Look at all I got done on Saturday and Monday!  That's two, count them -- two fronts for the Twigs and Willows.  You know what my problem was?  I had started my decreases two rows early.  That was it.  But I was so aggravated I did not have any desire to go back and fix it.  I ripped back to the first three rows on the left front and then once I hit the chart that was it.

I know everyone is raving about the brilliance of Alana Dakos in this pattern collection.  But it really is amazing.  Everything about this sweater has been well thought out and is so deceptively simple that it is magical.  My plan is to start the sleeves two at a time tonight during Pretty Little Liars.  This can only end well.  Right?

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  1. I'm knitting my first Alana Dakos pattern right now (Spring Garden Tee). I might have to get Botanical Knits- her work is really good!
    That's such a good color for twigs & willows, too! I hope you have lots of knitting time this week :)