Knitting, Sewing, and Tissues

As most everyone who knows me can attest, I have a really hard time sitting still.  I fidget  I doodle, and if left for too long I find hangnails and scabs to be quite fascinating.  Essentially I have the self-control of a six year old with chickenpox.  This makes me amusing to my coworkers, endearing to my family, and an absolute nightmare when I am sick.  Which I have been for far too many days.  Well, about three.  All I know is since I came home from work Saturday night the pile of tissues next to the couch has grown quite tall and I am midway through my second season in my rewatch of The West Wing (can we just talk for a minute about how much this show impacted my generation?  It is incredible to rewatch this as an adult).

The only thing saving my sanity during times I have to sit still is my knitting.  If I can keep my hands busy, maybe I can keep ahead of my six-year-old self.  Yesterday all I did was knit on the sleeves for my Twigs and Willows.  Even though I was sick I ended up staying up till midnight working on seaming the pieces together.

This morning I got back up, made some coffee, and started stitching again.  It is amazing how fast projects can be completed when given real focus.

By afternoon, all the pieces were done and the sweater was soaking.  It feels good to have accomplished something despite forcing myself to sit on the couch, taking naps, and not going for a run because I cannot be that far away from tissues and water.  I've got some color back in my cheeks, and I have to work late tomorrow, so I am hoping one more morning of sleeping past seven will get me back on track.

In the meantime, I feel the urge to bake something.  Though I am completely out of eggs, which are key to most of my recipes.  Maybe it is time for me to experiment again.  It's not like I won't be here to clean up after it.


  1. There are a ton of replacements for eggs in baking. A quick google search led me to this site, which has a lot more than I was familiar with: http://www.wikihow.com/Replace-Eggs-in-Your-Cooking

    I have been watching The West Wing for probably the sixth or seventh time all the way through (they used to play it at 6 and 7am on Bravo, so I would watch it while getting ready for work). It really is a masterpiece, especially the first several seasons.

  2. Beautiful! That seemed really fast- maybe because it wasn't me working on it.