Coconut Muffins

Yesterday I told you I had an urge to bake but I was out of eggs.  I ended up finding one lone egg in the back of the fridge, but the lovely katherinelynn_04 posted a link in the comments for some really interesting substitutions  I am really tempted to try baking one of my regular recipes using a banana instead of eggs to see if there is a difference in taste or texture.  Maybe that will be a future experiment.

While I was thinking about baking and going through my blog feed I came across the latest from Smitten Kitchen -- Coconut Bread.  I usually have a stash of coconut in the cupboard for cookies or granola, so I decided to give it a go.  But of course I only had one egg, so I had to cut the recipe in half.  And then because I was halving the recipe I decided that baking it as bread was not the best plan and opted for muffins instead.  I eliminated the butter but kept the full teaspoon of cinnamon since I was spreading the flavor across eight muffin cups.

These were delicious.  My husband, who is not a coconut fan, ate two before leaving for work last night.  I always know that something is a hit if he goes back for seconds.  We are going to the beach with my family for Easter Sunday and I think these may have to be brought along as a breakfast treat.  The texture is denser than my usual muffins, and because it is a bread recipe it is not as sweet.  I'm thinking next time I'll sift a little bit of confectioner's sugar over the top -- just for presentation's sake.

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  1. Oh, those look yummy! I'm going to have to put coconut on my list of pantry staples, I love it so much and see lots of recipes using it.

    And I can vouch for bananas as an egg substitute. I tend to use them in things that lend themselves to the banana flavor, so I can't say how much it might impact something not meant to be...banana-y.

    I also like to try out substitutes in a half and half approach, so using one egg and one banana equivalent for a recipe that calls for two eggs. It feels a little safer and helps when you have some but not quite enough of something. I do it a lot with butter substitute as well, to make things a little lighter.