Baby Knitting

Red Coat is coming! Red Coat is coming!  Ok, so maybe I am not over last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, but I don't think I'll be over it until June.  And even then I think we will all still be processing.  Luckily I can process while I am knitting.  Speaking of which . . .

There has been a rash of pregnancies at work.  Three women are due within two weeks of one another at the end of April / beginning of May and another is due by the end of the summer.  One of the women is on my team and you know what that means.  Baby knitting.  Luckily it is almost impossible to go into craft stores right now without being smacked in the face with baby knitting, so there are a lot of places for inspiration for people like me with no baby, no thoughts of baby, and no friends with a baby.

This is the beginning of a Sugar Bear Cocoon by Kate Oats.  I would really like to knit a sweater for this little girl, as her mother is extremely knit-worthy, but she is due at the beginning of May and I just cannot inflict that on anyone, let alone someone who has trouble regulating their body temperature.  I cannot remember what this yarn is, but it is an acrylic/nylon blend in a sport weight.  My coworker adopted a safari theme for her baby shower because she is from South Africa, so I am hoping to get a cute little button -- a giraffe or something.

It is very slow going on this cocoon.  I love the way the texture pattern is working up, but it seems that no matter how much I knit I cannot see measurable progress.  Hopefully I can kick it into high gear before baby Elise decides to make her debut.

To see more works in progress, check out the gang over at Tami's Amis!

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  1. "people like me with no baby, no thoughts of baby"

    C'mon, I wanna be an auntie! Someone needs to make me an auntie!!!! :)