FO: Lateral

So, on Vampire Diaries last night . . . I kid, I kid.  Though there was one part during which my jaw dropped and I sat with my mouth open for like two whole minutes before I realized what was going on.  If you watched, you know what I am talking about.  If you are behind, catch up please, I want to discuss!

This week's FO has been keeping my feet warm all week because, surprise, the temperature dropped back into the thirties again.  I had thought March would be our salvation from cold, but it looks like not even the prospect of April will be able to save us.  Luckily I finished these socks over the weekend and was all set to wear cozy cashmere blends on my feet.

Lateral is my third project from Cookie A's latest book Shapes + Form.  It is a simple pattern, but it looks lovely and it was nice to knit a Cookie A sock without being married to the chart.  Despite its simplicity it does have that Cookie A feel that I have found runs so consistently throughout all her patterns.  I did sub in the heel from Hermoine's Everyday Sock as that is my current favorite.  I find that it fits the shape of my heel well while still having durability that seems to cope well with how hard I am on my socks.  I also just love how the garter stitch looks when it is picked up for the gusset.  Something about it is just so charming.

This was my first skein of Tempted and I love it.  It is her Lil' Luxe Grrl, which is a MCN blend with just under 400 yards, in the Oasis colorway.  I found this skein on destash on Ravelry for a very good price and have hoarded it for months.  I have worn these socks twice this week and they have been super cozy -- totally decadent for socks.

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  1. Great socks...I still haven't finished my H's socks..so working on those...

  2. I really want to make some Hermione socks, I've only just turned on to sock knitting and I think I'm going to be here for a very long time! This is fabulous, I love the colours.

  3. They must be cozy, cause they sure look it. Lovely yarn.

  4. Oooh, Cookie A has a new book? I've gotta go look that up! :-)

  5. That little bit of cashmere content in a sock yarn really makes it, eh?! I've been looking at Lateral myself. Just trying to match up the right yarn for it :)

  6. These look great and sound lovely and snug