A Weekend in Purple Fairyland

It is finally March!  The temperatures have plunged back into the thirties and there is the constant threat of more snow (seriously, I love winter, but more?).  So far March has been a lot like February, but with a lot more purple.

I know I went unexpectedly off the radar for a bit, but it was with good reason, I promise you.  This weekend was the first in a year-long series of children's theater productions that will help benefit the place where I work.  As part of the deal, we set up a merchandise booth at the theater and sold all sorts of fairy-tale inspired items to little kids and their grown-ups who came to see a modernized interpretation of Rapunzel.  It was an absolute blast and I got to dress up my normal work clothes with various crowns and a lot of purple nail polish.  I do not think I realized until I sat down to paint my nails just how much purple polish I own.

I wish I had taken more photos of the table, but we were so busy that by the time I thought to do so we had sold almost everything.  All weekend we kept having to return to our store to look for anything that might remotely relate to the show so that every child who was able could purchase some sort of souvenir.  By the end we had two rubbermaid totes of a few crowns and stuffed animals and that was it.

Rapunzel the Giraffe was a big draw
Because I was there the majority of the past three days I did get some knitting done.  The Lateral socks made a comeback and I finished up the first sock.

I was not able to try them on as often as I normally would, so I started the toe decreases a little late and ended up with a wider toe box.  The yarn is so lovely, however that I don't think I will care.  I stopped at my normal length to avoid floppy fabric and it seems to fit just fine.  We will see after I finish sock number two.  Which may be a while because I finally got moving again on Twigs and Willows.

More on that tomorrow.

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