At The Speed of Weaving

Like most Americans I spent last night watching at least part of the Superbowl.  Though I did change the channel to watch Downton Abbey and when I was watching I had tuned out the game almost entirely to focus on my book and my knitting.  Because that is essentially all I did yesterday.  I read my book (Beautiful Creatures -- my sister decided to read it before the movie comes out and became obsessed so I have been tasked with reading at least the first one.  Not bad so far) and knit the Wish I Was Weaving This Cowl.  In just over twelve hours.

I don't know what possessed me to knit this cowl so fast.  The last time I knit anything at this speed was my Neon Neely socks and those still took two days for one sock.  Maybe it is the power of the Liz Abinante KAL?  I did not even spend the entire day focused on my knitting.  I wound the yarn and cast on in the morning, but I also ate a few meals, cooked dinner, cleaned, and took a nap.

Wish I Was Weaving This Cowl is the 2013 installment of The Great Cowl KAL, which some may remember from last year.  This year Liz has made things easier on herself and the challenge only consists of one pattern, rather than five.  There is still plenty of time to participate if you want.  You can find more details on her blog or in the Traveling Woman group on Ravelry.  Anyone who finishes and submits their cowl by Feb 10 will receive a second brand new cowl pattern for free.  How cool is that?

The pattern calls for worsted weight knit at a loose gauge.  I used Dragonfly Fibers Super Dijini which I got in my first club shipment last year.  Unfortunately the base has been discontinued, so I could not think of a better use of my little skein of worsted MCN. It's perfect for a little bit of color in our drab, cold February.

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