Future Knitting Already in Progress

This WIP Wednesday I do not have much visible progress, so I thought I would crowd source for a future WIP.  Last night I was watching the premier of The Face (I know, but I'm tired of Top Model and it's Nigel), and I got the urge to start another sweater.  I am making progress on my Twigs and Willows, but I just cannot shake this startitis.  I don't think it will be happy until I have no empty needles.

I have two sweaters I am anxious to start.  First, the Whispy Cardi by Hannah Fettig.  I have had this in my queue for ages and bought the yarn specifically for this sweater last year.  If you have not seen it, it is a long sleeved drapy cardigan knit in lace weight.

Miss Babs Yet in Gothic Queen

The other sweater I am excited about is Alex Tinsley's Northern Lines.  This one uses stripes and contrasting hems to create an 80s-tastic sweater which is still wearable in everyday.

I am planning to knit mine in black with white stripes and this almost neon teal for the contrast.

But I can't decide.  I would ideally like to only cast on one because I think three sweaters on the needles will become far too insane.  So I am putting it to you.  Which would you prefer?

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  1. Go with the Knit Picks yarn. Love those colors together.

    Visiting from Tami.

  2. I have made the Wispy cardigan, which is quite lovely. However, it's not the best for ladies with any sort of erm...chest endowment. I believe I wore a 34D when I took this photo, and my girls look HUGE due to the cut of the neckline and the 'swoops' on the sides (sadly hard to see as it's a terrible bathroom/iPhone pic I haven't bothered to reshoot). It's like a frame for your boobs.

  3. Do both. Your startitis demands it. Also both look super cute and I can't decide which is better.

  4. If it were me, I'd be casting on Northern Line ... just because the idea of knitting a lace weight cardi makes me tired. And the teal colour is more upbeat and that's just what I need to brighten up my dreary overcast grey winter days :)

  5. The yarn you chosen for the sweaters is lovely! I think I would cast on one and work on it until you feel the need to cast on something new then cast on the other one.

  6. I'm partial to the Whispy Cardi.

  7. The grey, I love some grey and would love to see more of that yarn!