Box of Christmas Future

Yesterday was an epic mail day.  The mail man brought me this.

I know he thinks I'm insane, because yes, that is a box full of yarn.  Knit Picks is a drug, which is why I indulge in free shipping quantities only occasionally.  Or at least that is what I tell my husband.

Remember back in December when I admitted I may have promised my family that I would knit us all stockings before this Christmas?  And then I conveniently never mentioned it again?  Well, I finally decided that if I don't get the ball rolling I will never make any progress.  I bought enough for two two-color stockings for sure based on this pattern collection.  I know I want to make one that is blue with a white motif, and my sister has requested that I knit hot pink into hers.  Because nothing says Christmas like bright pink.  I'll probably do a pink background with white pattern for hers.

But don't expect to see any progress soon.  I do my best work when I procrastinate.

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