Geektastic Thursday: Club Dragonfly

A year ago I was a month out of grad school and realizing that the job prospects for someone with a masters degree in history were much slimmer than they had been promised when I first started college five years prior.  I was also finding myself increasingly bored.  And what does a girl do when she's bored but cannot afford to leave the house?  Online window shopping!  I could not afford to buy much, which was a little depressing, but then I discovered yarn clubs.  Most require payment in full up front, which is something that has never been in my budget, but there are some that allow for monthly installments.  That is how, through the wonders of Ravelry ads, I came to join Club Dragonfly.  This is a six shipment yarn club that includes yarn and a new coordinating pattern, plus some added goodies.  I thought that now the new round is open for enrollment I would share my latest shipment.

Isn't that beautiful?  The yarn is their Djinni Sock in the new colorway "Karen's Blue", but I have been running around calling it Tardis Blue.  Because it is, isn't it?

This month's pattern is an ascot, mitt, and headband set, all of which should be doable with the one skein.  The little goodie is a matching blue notions case with a stitch marker from Exchanging Fire, an Etsy shop that also offered a coupon code.  This is probably one of my favorite shipments, though I have loved them all.  It is really representative of the range offered by the club.  Several months ago we got a lovely sock pattern by Liz Abinante, and the shipment that made me die with delight included an elaborate colorwork cowl that I immediately had to knit.

I won't be sticking with the club, but that is not to say that I have not loved what I received.  To the contrary.  Each invoice was accompanied by mailbox stakeouts and chasing my husband around the apartment demanding that he feel how soft and happy the yarn is (he is learning -- the other day he called a yarn I was winding "delicious").  If you have any interest at all in trying out a club, I highly recommend it (2013 monthly payment signup on Ravelry here).  The designers are wonderful and the shipment is always packaged with the kind of care only yarnies can express.  What can I say?  I seem to be a Dragonfly Fibers fangirl.

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  1. Ack! That yarn is gorgeous!! I'd be signing up, but I already splurged on Cookie A's sock club for the year.

    Major husband points for "delicious". They're so cute when they use the lingo, aren't they? =)