A Mite Leaf Obsessed

I'm sure that if you read knitting blogs or are in tune with the online knitting community you have heard that Alana Dakos has finally opened up her new self-published book, Botanical Knits, for pre-orders.  I was at work on Friday when it went live and could not get a payment form to go through until I came home.  Evidently the enthusiasm of knitters broke the internet again.  But, because the book is immediately available as an ebook I went ahead and started a swatch while we were at Top Gun (so the Boba Fett hat got no love).

In trying to take an artistic yarn picture I got a much better shot of my Top Gun-themed manicure

I was initially swatching for Entangled Vines, but my yarn worked much better for Twigs and Willows, so I have since cast on for the back.  And yes, this is the yarn I was using for my Central Park Hoodie.  That was getting no love and I cannot imagine having orange yarn available and not using it for a  leafy cardigan.

But wait, there's more!  Since I seem to be fighting off a major case of startitis (and losing badly -- I'll have enough WIPs for months), I also started the Ivy Trellis Mittens.  The required yardage was perfect for the leftovers from my Purslane Beret.  I was going to make myself wait until I finish something, but it is still mitten weather when I head to work in the morning, so I caved.

In case it bears repeating, I am really excited about this pattern collection.  I have never knit an Alana sweater, but I have knit up several of her accessory patterns over the years and have listened to her podcast since almost the beginning.  I'm in love with the way each piece incorporates a leaf motif.  It is bringing back memories of the little vines I would doodle in my school notes.  I cannot wait to see how different knitters interpret this vision.  It's going to be one colorful landscape.

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