FO: Bombshell

I know I've taken to talking about Vampire Diaries in my FO Friday posts, but that is what you get for stopping by the day after Thursday.  If it was not for my excitement about sharing today's FO with you I would be completely depressed.  Not because of a particular investment in a particular storyline (I am desperately trying to stay spoiler-free, work with me here), but because the acting and the writing in last night's episode were completely brilliant.  But you did not stop by for my mini-Vampire Diaries rehash.  You came here for the pretty knitting.

Oh yes, it is the Bombshell shorts.  I finished these at least a month ago, but I really wanted to be sure I got the proper styling and photos so you could appreciate them for the fashion statement they are and not merely cringe at the images the phrase "knit shorts" may bring to mind.

You know how people say cables are addictive?  Did you know that they are also addictive in the pre-knitting stage?  When I first got the fall issue of Holla Knits I was not particularly interested in the shorts.  I was in love with the New Girl skirt, which I still have yet to cast on for, but knit shorts?  They just sound bizarre.

But I kept remembering them.  I kept going back to the pattern and looking at the cables, thinking about how nice they looked.  How they looked like real, honest cables, with all of their twists and crosses.  Then I would put away the idea as crazy, go back to thinking about socks and sweaters and shawls.  But sweaters with cables require a lot more yarn than their plainer cohorts, and I was trying to knit from stash after all.  After Christmas I needed a brain reset and finally gave in.  I had just the right amount of Cascade 220, three skeins for the size medium.

I knit the legs the perscribed amount, and then knit the body three more complete repeats.  The waist band is supposed to be 1.5 inches tall, but I only knit it .75 inches tall because I had already knit the shorts almost as tall as I wanted them.  This is another project that I loved the finishing work on.  Don't get me long.  All finishing is fiddly and that's annoying, but I love the accomplishment of the completed finishing.  I sewed in elastic for the first time, and then added the i-cord belt loops.  Then I put them on with the ends still hanging about and ran into the living room to show Chris how clever I am.

Too much Top Model was watched this weekend

If you have any interest in knitting these, I highly recommend them.  Katie Canavan writes an excellent pattern.  And above all, they are just so comfortable!  I've worn them out in public once (the day we took the photos), but I have worn them around the apartment a lot.  Because we don't have a washer I try not to wear my work pants (aka jeans) when I'm at home.  These make an excellent and more stylish alternative to answering the door in my pjs at 4 in the afternoon.

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  1. I could never wear these because I have legs like a rugby player. I originally thought these were just plain weird, but you are right, the styling makes sense of them. You rock these shorts. They also look amazingly comfortable, and that would be the only thing to induce to wear them because I would look dreadful in them, but I would be comfy while doing so!

  2. Haha I love how oyu are working those shorts! Looks like a fun knit, I love cables.

  3. They are adorable, but not for me. You young things wear them well. Love the cables.

  4. These are totally on my "knit eventually" list. I mean, hey, I knit pants once!

  5. They look fab on you! Although, "knitted shorts" as a concept is still quite disturbing. My aunt used to knit underwear for my cousins, and we always thought it was plain cruel :)

  6. Gorgeous. On you - never on me :-)

  7. I'm not sure I could pull off knit shorts, but yours are beautiful. LOVELY work!
    Thanks for the Beautiful Creatures Heads up. Think I'll try to read the book and then wait for the video.

  8. Those shorts are amazing.

    Here's my FO:

  9. Wow! Those shorts are something - the cables are beautiful!

    I haven't watched last night's episode of TVD yet. I usually save up three or four and have a mini-marathon. But now I'm curious!

  10. They look great. I would never get away with it, but you look fab!