Dyed Snowy

I had the best time this weekend.  My sister came to visit and we had tons of fun.

In the snow!  She got here Friday night and we woke up Saturday morning to actual snow, none of this icy slushy stuff we normally get around here.  It was awesome.  Of course any snow day requires hot chocolate so we hoofed it over to the grocery store.

Who doesn't love a fun hike through snow?

You may notice something a little different in these photos.

Friday night we dyed my hair!  I've never dyed my hair before, so it was quite the production.  There was bleach, tin foil, mascara wands, and Dead Sara

Surprisingly successful bleaching

This was actually supposed to be purple hair dye, but I'm very happy with the blue.  It is actually the same color as the last skein from the Club Dragonfly 2012.  I really must get going on that shawl.


  1. I love the hair..and like you..the "good" snow..hiking through the snow is a favorite pastime..clears the soul... sisters are such fun..(most of the time!)

  2. I like the hair its really cute on you.