FO: Lightening Shrug

Did you watch last night's Vampire Diaries?  There's no better way to spend Valentine's Day than to sit on the couch screaming at the television completely incapable of knitting.  Luckily I had already finished what I am now referring to as my Valentine's sweater -- the Lightening Shrug.

I wore this to dinner the other night because that is how much I love it.  Chris and I never go out so when we do I like to look hot.  This shrug paired with a tank top and a pair of wide leg black pants for a really fun outfit for a night at a nice sports bar.  Shrugs are not really my go-to, I usually like to have the option of covering my stomach, but this one may just change my mind.

The pattern calls for Lorna's Laces Honor, which is a DK apaca and silk blend.  I used Knitting Notions Classic Merino Sport out of my stash, which does not have the same amount of drape.  I already tried to use this yarn for the Abalone before I realized the pattern was not for me, so I already had a bit of an idea as to how it knits up.  I went up to a US size 9 for the body, did the ribbing on 7s, and did the bind off with 10s.

I think this knitted up perfectly.  The pattern is genius.  I only had two complaints.  One, I think the seaming should be done on the sleeves before the ribbing, but that's a personal choice based on how my seams failed the first time around.  Two, that ribbing goes on forever!  The finished look is worth it, but be prepared to spend an entire day off knitting the body ribbing.

Over all?  Another win!  I am really starting to learn what I love in garment knitting.  Which means I am so setting myself up for a major disaster in the next few projects.  Stay tuned!

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  1. That is such a nice piece to add to your wardrobe! Beautiful!

  2. Its really pretty. I haven't watched Vampire Diaries in forever. I should catch up.

  3. REALLY like this shrug. looks great on! Have V. D. tivoed. will catch up this weekend. Now, I'm on pins and needles about what happened!

  4. Gorgeous! It looks lovely on. Perfect for those times when arms are chilly, but you don't want a lot of coverage.

  5. Lovely project!! It fits just perfect.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminado-35/

  6. I love it. Thanks for sharing. You look great wearing it as well!