FO: Chutes and Also Ladders

You guys will never guess what I finished in time to wear in our freakish weather.  That's right -- another hat!  I know, I have a serious addiction.  But for some reason when I knit a hat I cannot knit just one.  I have to knit like 12.  Currently I have no more on the needles, but we shall see how long that lasts.

This is Chutes, and Also Ladders by Alex Tinsley, which I knit for the first deadline in Stash and Burn's Use It or Lose It challenge.  The challenge is designed to help you fall back in love with your stash by picking a different stash yarn every challenge period to either use, frog an old project, or send off to a new home.  This  Aslan Trends Invernal is from my first ever Webs order in December 2009.  As far as I can tell the yarn from this order is the oldest yarn in my stash and is my most confusing "what the frak was I thinking" items.  Evidently I was just waiting for this pattern to come along.

The pattern is written for a luxury DK held double, so this lighter worsted worked well in substitution.  The alpaca gives it a nice drape and the added sparkle peaks out nicely from the pattern.  The hat itself was a very easy and fast knit.  The pattern is only charted rather than written line by line, but it was very easy to learn where the pattern was headed and follow the chart.  As with all of Alex's patterns, I highly recommend this if you have a fun yarn you have not been able to find a use for.  I do not think it would work well in a variegated yarn, but for the sparkly solids it is just about perfect.

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  1. What a really great hat and you can never have to many hats right !

  2. Pretty hat! I like that use-it-or-lose-it idea.