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As a general rule I do not exercise any sort of project monogamy.  I try to keep to maybe three things on the needles at a time, but with the exception of deadline knitting the idea of only one project is insanity.  Lately my knitting has skewed wildly in the opposite direction.  I have a ton of projects on the needles.  But I seem to be sticking to only one at a time until I either finish or become too annoyed to carry on.

For example, I was obsessed with my Twigs and Willows for a week.  I took it everywhere and had the pattern downloaded to my phone.  But after I hit the snag in the left front I put it away and have not touched it since.  Now I'm all about Pretty in Pink, which is finally showing some progress.

I have recently taken a dose of crazy and decided that I want to finish it by the end of the month -- about 4 days.  I got a skein of yarn for the Stockinette Zombies Marigold Jen KAL and I would like to cast something off before I start something new.  The yarn balls are definitely getting smaller.

So far this shawl is doing exactly what I wanted and highlighting the beauty of Duckie, a special skein of yarn from Unwind Yarn Company.  The color combination should be perfect as we finally hit spring and leave these crazy February storms behind.

But just in case I cast on Northern Lines.  A girl can never be too prepared.

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